Hello world!

My name is Roger. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but I’ve decided that I’m doing it.  Do I really think you give a flying fuck what my opinion is – problably not.  Do I care if you take my advice – probably not. So what are we doing here we asks ourselves. Well I’m not sure myself just yet either.  But I’ll just call it an adventure and hopefully my life may be interesting enough that you want to keep up with it’s daily dramas. Sit still, I’ll explain more.

 I can give you a quick catch-up…. but that’s going to take a while. SO I’ll simply give you some quick facts about Cowboy Roger and then thru the weeks if I keep up with this thing… we’ll see what happens and where it leads.

  My name is Roger, you can call me that or you can call me Cowboy. Those are your two choices. I’m a gay man. I live in Parrish, FL in a house with my partner Kevin. I have two kids named India (20) and Zachary (16) they live in Kentucky with their mother. India is a beautiful girl. She works full-time at Wendy’s restaurant, where she has worked since she was 16 and is a full-time college student at the local community college there in town. Zachary is in high school and is a roller skating fanatic. Currently I am not involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. Which is strange for me. I do not function well without the “fun” stuff in my life. So I’m adjusting to that.  I just moved to Florida 3 years ago. I like it here.  I want to love it here.  But I find the people here to be a bit strange and full of drama. Not all of them. But I would say 95% of the homos I have met are elated with drama. (NOTE TO ENGLISH MAJORS – I was not one in college. So I will most likely have the longest run on sentences you will ever read in your life. I will misspell words all the time. My commas will not be in the right place. I’m still not sure where you put this one —> ; either.  So if you’re going to read this and define me by grammar or punctuations, then I suggest you find another blog to read, because I promise you, mine will NOT be good for you.)  OK back to what I was saying, the GAYS in TAMPA BAY are just strange to me. I’ll get more into that later as we go along. I have nothing but time and tons of thoughts so hopefully this will as interesting to you and it will be for me.  FOR NOW, since this is my first entry you can just have some very plain basic facts and see if that tugs at you to keep up with me and my self-help therapy.  BE GOOD! SAY HOWDY and let’s get the show on the road.

Until next entry…

Cowboy Roger


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